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In 1954, St. Jude Parish of Sinajana was a flourishing community within the vicariate of Agana. The increasing number of young people needing instructions in their Catholic faith augmented the desirability of a Catholic school within the parish.

In 1955, in response to the invitation of the late Bishop Apolinaris Baumgartner to operate and to staff a school and a health center, the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration from LaCrosse, Wisconsin, prepared themselves to meet the challenge of the Bishop’s request. Under the leadership of the pastor, Father Raymond Demers, OFM Cap., the parish of St. Jude came alive. Land was procured and cleared, prayers and sacrifices were offered; the parish response was enthusiastic!

In the Fall of 1955, St. Jude Thaddeus Junior High School opened its doors to 107 seventh and eighth graders. The building was equipped with four (4) classrooms, an office, a cafeteria, and lavatory facilities. Six (6) Franciscan Sisters, under the principalship of Sister Wilhelmine, comprised the educational staff.

In November 1962, Typhoon Karen inflicted extensive damage to the school. Students and staff were accommodated by the Academy of Our Lady of Guam and Cathedral Grade School until reconstruction was finalized.

In 1963, Sister Clement Ann assumed the principalship of St. Jude, to be succeeded in 1968 by Sister Alice Mullin. In 1969, the tenth grade was terminated.

In 1971, at the invitation of Bishop Felixberto C. Flores, D. D. Bishop of the Diocese of Agana, Monsignor Bernard Cummins, Superintendent of Schools of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, came to Guam to study the Catholic schools and to make recommendations for improvement. A result of this visit was the consolidation of the junior high programs of Cathedral Grade School and St. Jude on the latter’s campus. St. Jude eventually became a diocesan school under the title Bishop Baumgartner Junior High School, in honor of its founder.


Bishop Baumgartner Memorial Catholic School commits itself:

  • to advance the wholistic education and Christian formation of its students;
  • to nurture the love of God and neighbor in their lives;
  • to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church;
  • to respect all of God’s creation; and
  • to reverence and appreciate the gifts of various cultures which enrich the school community.